13 Types of Bisexuality

  • Alternating Bisexuals – one relationship at a time, the first might be exclusively straight, the next exclusively gay and vice versa. Alternating Bisexuals are usually monogamous.
  • Circumstantial Bisexuals – primarily heterosexual but bisexual because of circumstances, eg; Prison where there are no women/men available.
  • Concurrent relationship Bisexuals – have a primary relationship with one gender, but may have multiple casual relationships with partners of the other gender.
  • Conditional Bisexuals – will switch sexuality for personal gain, eg: Gay for Pay.
  • Emotional Bisexuals – have intimate emotional relationships with both genders but only have sex with one gender.
  • Integrated Bisexuals – have two or more concurrent primary relationships one with a man one with a woman
  • Exploratory Bisexuals – testing the water seeing if they like it.
  • Hedonistic Bisexuals -primarily straight or gay/lesbian but will switch purely for sexual pleasure.
  • Recreational Bisexuals – bi only when drunk or high. “Party Bisexual”
  • Isolated Bisexuals – currently straight or gay/lesbian – but has had one off sexual encounter in the past which qualifies them as bisexual.
  • Latent Bisexuals – has strong yet so far unsatisfied urges to go the other way.
  • Motivational Bisexuals – will go bi to satisfy a partner, e.g. straight women agreeing to MFF threesome.
  • Transitional Bisexuals – the only type of bisexuality the gay community understands, the one “going through a phrase”.

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