About This Blog

I’ve been around more than one block more than a few times.  I don’t  know everything about life, relationships or sex. However I have experience with all the subjects on my blog. Some of the things I post are inspired by my observations, and most are my experiences.  Anything I write on this blog is my honest opinion at the time it was written and my opinions over time may change.  If and when my opinions change it is not due to hypocrisy, it is because I’ve grown.  The funny thing I’ve learned from blogging is that sometimes I have to double back to my blog and this is how it goes…

Me: “Self”

Self: “Yea”

Me: “Why didn’t you listen to her she is pretty smart?”

Self: “I tried to tell you” 

So yeah, I don’t always take my own advice but I hope that it helps someone along the way. Also, I Love feedback, so if you have a response please post it in the comments.

 **I do not claim the rights to any photographs on this blog, unless otherwise noted.**