Top Things People Can Miss me with in 2015

A wise and very clever person once said “Miss me with that Bullshit“  Those are my sentiments for many situations in 2014 that I experienced. so these are the thing people can Miss me with in 2015.

Miss me with the Fake Friends– I have never people a person with a large circle.  As a matter of fact my friend situation remains standing for long periods of time.  Small talk and a petty drama are not my things so I try to keep my acquaintance to a minimum.  The thing is when you move to a new city making true friends is a challenge.  I have these people that I recognize but don’t really know, or remember their names for that matter, or people who feel that know me but aren’t not what I would consider a friend.  2016 will be about building lasting friendships.

Miss me if I’m your 2nd choice– I am not, nor will I ever be, a person that will unnecessarily be the 2nd choice in any situation.  If you have other options that suit you pursue them.

Miss me if you have girlfriend–  I am not, nor do I condone, sidechick behavior.  I will never like a person so much that I will be their side chick.

Miss me with the fake wealth-  Don’t lie on your wallet or bank account if you don’t have it and can’t afford don’t fake it.  It’s cool to stunt now and then but will buy bottles 3 days a week and then looking for a handout the other 4 days is just stupid.

Miss me if you don’t give a fuck about anything–  I have found that I have a limited amount of fucks to give on any given day but at my age it is time to start giving a few fucks about shit.  When you don’t care you don’t react or plan.  I need people around me who are planning and thinking about their future.  I am tired of these “IGAF” ass people.  Like it’s so much to care about when you don’t it shows how immature you are.  When you choose not to care you choose to not be a part of the solution.

Miss me if you’re wasting time-  I am done wasting time.  It’s time to get to the point.  I want to be on the road to settle down with person I enjoy and Love. Miss me with the let’s hang out and see where it goes.  Miss me with the I’m not looking anything serious sentiments.  I am not here for any of it.

Miss me with the New Year New Me- 
The New Year may inspire you for a few months at best.  Let’s talk in the spring about your progress.


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