You don’t know me… But I want you to

As an anonymous blogger I hope to convey a portrait of myself that is not based anything other than my honest opinion and life experiences.  I share some things but I decided that maybe it’s time to let my readers, old and new, to know some new things about me.  I haven’t’ done this in a while so I figured why the hell not.

I don’t like to wear pants at home-  I live alone with my dog so the first thing that comes off when I get home are my pants. I usually don’t have visitors, when a person knocks on my door I’m always hiding my naked bottom half behind the door.  So thank you Chinese food delivery guy who knows the deal and never seems to judge me when I have to shut the door in your face to retrieve my wallet.

I LOVE MY DOG- I love my dog. Because I don’t have children and have very little family near me, Teddy has become an even bigger part of my life.  Teddy gives me a reason to go home and want to be there.  I even made a blog about her. It’s brand new but follow if you want.

I’m not big on getting head- I enjoy getting great head, however I prefer a good stroke.  I get more satisfaction from intercourse. Every few years there is a study, usually done by a man, that claims to disprove the existence of the G-Spot.  Well as a woman who has one and have conducted my own experiment numerous times, I can definitively and confidently say the G-spot exist, is real, and is a gift from God him/herself.

I don’t keep a Dick count- At my age I’m clearly not a virgin and my philosophy is “Do what/who you want but be safe.” I think that keeping a count is somewhat demeaning not just for me but for for people in general, what does it matter how many people a person has has sex with? To me the most important thing is how they treat you and how they feel about themselves. Besides no matter what number you tell people, they will think what they want about you.

I Believe in Soul Mates I don’t think you always end up with them–  Sometimes friendship is more important than physical intimacy and for me, when I meet someone who I feel is great friend I don’t want to mess that up.  Friendship is not based on anything but someone’s general willingness to care and put up with your BS for not clear reason at all.  Real friends like you for exactly who you are. Some people are fortunate enough to spend their lives with their best friend in marriage or platonic friendship.


4 thoughts on “You don’t know me… But I want you to”

  1. Girl I always have a shirt no bra and panties…and people are in my house and I have visitors. LOL…some have become used to it. But if my son’s father or anyone brings a man over I put clothes on. LOL

    Thanks for sharing…

    Also, do people still count? LOL 🙂

    1. I guess so because someone asked my number and I was like 0_o??? What who keeps track I’m not a virgin but I don’t sell pussy, so somewhere in between 1 and 5*52, lol. He looked confused, I realized he was too slow for my wit and that was last time we talked.

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