BEYONCE: Showing us how to become women first and get Nasty later.

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As we all know Beyonce is the Queen of freaking universe right now. There is nothing her Beyhive won’t do for her, and I’m pretty sure that is not limited to murder. Actually her affect on people is a little scary but that is another post.

Beyonce has been telling us, and by us I mean women, that we are independent survivors who run the world and men are irreplaceable beings that need to be upgraded by us and if they aren’t ready to step up they should shut up.

Now I am a fan of Beyonce but until this album I was a little indifferent about her as a person but after a couple of listens to her new surprise album I must say that I am impressed by her as person. I am not impressed because it was a secret and she completely dismantled everyone else’s career in the music industry and broke the internet for an entire day.  But because on December 13th, 2013 nothing else in the world happened or at least no one noticed as the world stopped to catch it’s breath and get a glimpse of her greatness. Not because she managed to shoot 17 music videos basically unnoticed throughout the entire year. I am impressed because of the message and legacy that she is leaving through her image and music.

In the past she has shown us how to be sexy and classy without having to be nasty; maybe that’s why people like me who loved her were a little bored with her. But this album lets us get nasty, kinda like she gave us permission. She puts us inside her nasty seductive mind and shows us that in the right situation and with the right person we can be the sexual beings that we all are. Beyonce has not always sold us sex; she sells sexy but never really sex. Its is not until she has had child and a husband and been doing that for a while has she brought the sexy full circle with straight sex.  But along with sex she shows us that there is so much to being women that we have embrace all parts of that.  That at the end of the day Loving and being Loved are two of the most important things that can ever, ever be.  In this album she take us from working very hard to be perfect to simply embracing life all that entails.  

But oh the sex…

The well poised women knows that sexy sells and gets you a little further a lot faster than blatant sex. Its always ok the be the fun seductive one, but reserving the right to your body to a person you deem worthy of it is a very important part of seduction. It’s being available but letting only a few have you; the perfect fantasy . I don’t always adhere to these standards but I know that sleeping around gets around, and to be taken seriously you have to first and foremost take yourself seriously.

Now some may argue that she crosses the line, and that she is no longer kid friendly. For people like me it is breath of fresh air, she is being her complete self and coming full circle. She is a mother, wife, business women, who is married to a rapper who could have just about any women any way he wants. Did we think they were having sex in the missionary position on beds with the lights off??? I am happy that King Bey finally gave a us some sex and 17 amazing videos that were sexy and tasteful. Showing that a little ratchet can be a whole lot sexy.

**For those of you who haven’t seen it that’s Beyonce’s album cover art and also her ass. If you don’t like the new album be sure to kiss it.**


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