The Learning Curve: What I’ve learned or observed since moving to the “Black Mecca”


I’ve been in Atlanta for a little over a year and needless to say I learned a few things about a few things.  So I will jump right into it, Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned  or observed from my new city; in no particular order

1.) Confidence goes a long way- We hear this a lot but since moving here I learned that being self-assured and sometimes overly confident is a good thing if you can deliver.

2.) People who own high-end brands sure are getting rich- Atlanta is stuntatistic.  Everyone wants to have the best of everything.  I like nice things but I live within my means.  I don’t like debt (God and Sallie Mae knows I have my fair share) and I will not sell my soul and or body for the Fall 2013 Louis Vuitton hand bag.

3.) Everyone wants to be on the scene- And what a scene it is to be on.  Being from the midwest I always think it’s funny that people down here care so much about being seen.  Where I come from you go out to have a great time, make memories and hang out with your friends.  Here it’s different.  It;s about who you know or can get to know.  How many bottles can your crew pop and last but not least how many people notice you

4.) You can never have enough malls- Don’t ever suggest a trip to the mall.  What you thought to be a simple suggestion turns into a debate…  Which mall?  What do you want to buy? High or low-end? Outside or inside? Gay or Straight? Urban or suburban? I never knew people would judge based on the malls you frequent. Apparently what mall you favor tells something about you, to me it just says ” I need new pants”.

5.) “Welcome to Atlanta where the Playas Play” is indeed a true statement-  The men and women in Atlanta play a lot of games not just in relationships with each other but in friendship as well. To me it’s a game of who has the best resource at the time. It’s a big game of who you know and what can they do for you. In terms of relationships young and old, male and female, are all about the games; no one really knows what they want not even the some who are already married and or have children.

6.) It’s gigantic little city- Atlanta is small enough to run into the same people all the time but big enough to have a long distance relationship.  Depending on your work to home commute, your home to significant others commute and not to mention the commute time to or from work to or from the significant other place of residence. You may only see them on the weekend and we haven’t factored in the daily life activities like the gym, and hobbies. The city is also big enough to date multiple people and none would be the wiser; but that would take a tremendous amount of effort and gas money.  The funnier thing is if you frequent the same places your social circle and dating pool becomes very small.

7.) The city of migrants and or immigrants- In order to meet people actually from Atlanta you have to go to the parts of the city that are on the news all the time.  I don’t tend to go that way often or at all so almost all of the people I’ve met are not from Atlanta.

8.)There are never enough Strip clubs.-  This is the strip club capital of the world.  Whatever your flavor is at the moment there is a strip club that caters to you.  Also the strip clubs are simply clubs with live entertainment, some are much less about the girls and more about the chicken wings.  I have never been to a place where going to the strip club was a normal option on the list of things to do… which brings me to my next point…

9.) Every $1.00 bill in Atlanta has been on the floor of a strip club-  When they say money is the most disgusting thing you can touch I can believe it.  From on the floor next to the stage, to tucked between a stripper’s butt cheeks. The most amazing thing I seen done with money is when the stripper can actually pick up bill with their nether regions.

10.) I don’t like to drive anymore-  Driving in a big city with traffic, terrible highway systems and nearly nonexistent public transport is the bane of my existence. I learned to drive in a state where they actually taught you how to drive under any condition, so when I first moved here I realized that I had to drive for everyone on the road because after you live in Georgia for awhile apparently you forget how to drive the correct way.  I don’t mean 10 and 2, I am talking about checking your blind spot and paying attention. Besides I spend way too much time in my car trying to get places because they are usually more than 20 minutes away or you inevitably get stuck in some form of traffic, and I never knew there were different variations of traffic.

11.) Just be yourself-  I think the reason I’ve made some strides in my life since moving to the “A” is because I’m just me, take it or leave it.  I haven’t tried to get in where I fit in, be anything or portray anything more than who  I genuinely am. This is a city you can easy lose yourself in.  It can be as fast paced as you make it.  But what works best is just being who you, genuine people tend to attract genuine people. As long as you know who are you can comfortably be that person.


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