Sexpectations: Questionable morals and high standards

When seeing someone I am not a picky chick.  Actually I am more of the the “respect  my space” type.  I enjoy being alone and being in my own little world however I do expect sex on demand and not lazy sex either; I want to be satisfied every time.  Dodging relationships has even become somewhat of an art form for me.  My sexpectations have become quite high as I get older; there is no need to waste time on bad sex I don’t care how great of a catch you seem to be.  Guys with the best stats have the biggest egos to stroke.  The funny thing is I think women are having more sex than men or at the very least women are settling for bad sex with good guys.

I tend to have a 3 time rule.  If I’m just trying to get off and we just met, if it’s bad I’m immediately done.  If I semi like him and want to know him better there will be a round deux, however if it is mediocre and I lose interest after that’s it.  Round 3 is reserved for the guys who have earned it.  I like them and although they are not laying it down how I like, maybe we can work on it. Round three is the last ditch effort to find the rhythm that should be there.   It is the hail Mary for me, but as with all hail Mary’s performance is key.  There are no do over’s, it’s him and the odds that are seeming to stacking against him.

So what are my expectations?

1.) Be thoughtful- Don’t be so caught up in your pleasure you forget about mine. I have walked out on people for this before. Yes he was mid stroke when I got up and went home.

2.) Be open minded- I once slept with a guy who wanted to have sex in the same positions in the bed all the time.  I didn’t get it, we would start on the couch and end up in the bed.  If I tried to have sex with in one position somehow he would want to get in the same old position. When I asked him WTF he responded that’s what he liked.  I was done.  I understand having tried and true things, but you have to willing and comfortable with trying other stuff.

3.) Know your stroke- Every man has different stroke but we are at the age where I think you should know what works for you. Stroke is just as, if not more, important than size. Know how to work what you got.

4.) Know your strengths- I blame women for this men not knowing their strengths because women tend to laugh about weaknesses with their bff’s while letting this man form terrible habits.  I know that what works for one doesn’t work for everyone but there are general rules. Like don’t use your teeth.  The difference between nibbles and bites.

5.) Don’t expect me to be a porn star-  I have been known to do porn staresque things and have a try anything once attitude.  I have limits respect them.


One thought on “Sexpectations: Questionable morals and high standards”

  1. I read this while waiting for the movie to start and I got myself laughing. You are so much like me it scares me lol. And I have to admire your guts. I once had a really boring sex time and I was just thinking “Oh, let it end ’cause it’s just not doing it for me”… I should have just stopped, get up and leave.

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