Smokers, Traffic, Missing a Man, and Needing a Man

So I am on a never ending quest of self discovery.  As sure as I am of myself and so many things, some things have been on my mind.

Atlanta Traffic and people who drive in this city:  I’m slowly growing fond of my new city but the traffic 0_0.  People in Atlanta drive one of two ways;  either they have to be somewhere and they are running late, or they have no where to be so they don’t give a shit about where you have to be.  Also people don’t have to take a driver’s training class so they are handing out driver licenses as if they were face shots in a porno.

People take work to seriously: When I leave work, unless there is something that needs to done I try to leave all of my work and any emotions that come with the job in the office.  These people are not about to stress me out over non life threatening shit.  Maybe I have bad work ethic or maybe I realize that the job isn’t my entire life. 

If you wanted to see me you would be in my city not 4 hours away:  So this guy says he wants to see me because he’s in his home town.  Well his home town is 4 hours from my city.  I would understand his logic if he was trying to make that drive but he hits me with I flew “3 hours… Your turn”  I’ve flown to your city twice in the last 4 months.  If you wanted to see me you would be in my city I’m all outta traveling for you at this point.  Besides trips back home are for friends back home look them bitches up.

I actually miss this dude: Not the guy from the #3. Seriously never thought I would but I do. I guess life is funny in that way. He has piece of me and I don’t even want it back, he can hold on to it. I’m ok with the complexities of our friendship. He’s my drug of choice so it’a probably good that I don’t have access.

I don’t think I want children:  I am so on the fence about this.  I Love the idea of being a mother but the reality is you never retire from that job.  Sometimes when I talk to my Mom I’m like damn when will you ever be done worrying about us we are all grown ass adults.  Besides the way my life is set up…

Smokers allowed???: Dating a smoker is not a big deal.  I thought it would be but ironically I don’t mind it.  He doesn’t smoke in my place or around me at all and he doesn’t taste like an ash tray.  Everyone has their vice I can deal with cigarette smoke; weed is another topic, that shit stinks.  I don’t smoke but I’ve learned to live the fact that a lot of people still do and sometimes these people are very interesting.  Smokers seem more high strung and most high strung people I know are thinkers; thinkers are my type of people. It’s kinda like getting head; not looking for it but not opposed to it.

I need a man and not want but need: I hate when chicks say they don’t need a man.  Well if you don’t need one why are you so pressed about getting one.  I  Love the idea of sharing myself with someone on multiple levels and having that person become part of my being.  Men were put here for us to have them, stop saying you don’t need a man, you do; even the  most powerful women have men the go home to.  No matter how strong, secure or financially stable you are you will need a man or mate. unfortunately were weren’t meant to take on the world alone.  


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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