I don’t know why you guys listen to me… Email Responses.


I’ve neglected posting my email responses so here are the last few I answered.

Email #1:

Is sex better when you don’t give a fuck?

I don’t think so.  I think that you get to a point where you learn to enjoy sex regardless of your emotional connection.  I think that it may be better when you enjoy being with the other person because you guys have more chemistry and feel more responsible for the other person’s pleasure.  The number one rule to sex and not giving a fuck is being responsible for your own orgasm, meaning do what ever it is that you need to do to get off and be the first to get there. When you are with someone who you have an emotional connection to you feel somewhat responsible for that persons pleasure, there is something more there than the physical.  Some guys get off on pleasing but a lot of them don’t so, if you are not going to give a fuck and have emotionless sex get off don’t be there for his or her pleasure be there for yours.

You don’t have to not give fuck, it doesn’t work for everyone so just know who you are, what you’re comfortable with and go with that.

Email 2:

You seem to be a cool person why are you anonymous?

Because I choose to be.  I think there is something fun about reaching people who know nothing about me.   Because I am anonymous I try to be as honest about things as I can; although I’m anonymous this is a very real depiction of who I am in person.  I also think it gives me a certain level a freedom when discussing things on this blog.

Email 3:

Are you a feminist?

I am pro women , don’t identify as a feminist or anything else.

Email 4:

Where are you from?  Do you want to be Sex positive with and for me?

I am from Michigan currently living in Georgia.  Creepy internet man,  I don’t do the online thing and getting sex is easy just get advice from this guy.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know why you guys listen to me… Email Responses.”

  1. As for guy #1, well as a guy, when we have sex, we generally don’t give a fuck. Women are almost always the ones emotionally invested while the man is just looking to screw and not give a damn until he gets One-itis as we say in the Seduction community.

    E-mailer #3, well you gave him the best advice lol. Thanks for the recommendation.

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