Email Response:

What is Sex Positive and are you using that term to justify being a slut/hoe???

Oh wow….  I see you didn’t leave this in the comments so I am going to post this answer as well as email it to you.  Sex positive is an ideology.  There was a link in the original post but you can use this one.

Sex positivity does not dictate quantity, it does not suggest that in order to be sex positive you have to be promiscuous. Sex positivity is the idea that I choose to sexually express myself how I see fit without the constraints placed on my behavior by society.  To some that may mean promiscuity but to me it means quality.  But lets face it in order to know what you like you have to try things and people out.  I am open to trying new things and push my sexual boundaries, as long as I am comfortable with the person involved and the activity.  It’s does not mean that I must try everything with everyone but to simply push the limits of my idea of pleasure.  Let’s say for instance I am comfortable with BDSM with Guy A, but not so comfortable with Guy B, because Guy B takes a little too much pleasure in my pain (SM), while Guy A is more enticed by the control (BD).  I am not suggesting that that I don’t recognize how this can impact my reputation.  However being mature enough to understand the consequences of behaviors that society deems unacceptable is a part of everyone’s life.  I feel that  what I do with a partner(s) is not other people’s business; with that being said I do not consider myself a slut or hoe.  I hope that clears it up.


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