If Loving you is right then I want to be wrong….


Have you ever been with someone and thought this can’t be it… You can’t be it.  I Love you but I just feel it in my guts that this is not what my life is supposed to be.

I truly believe that the heart wants what the heart wants.  That there are people who come into your life for a short time and leave a lasting impression on your heart and spirit and people who will be around for a very long time and but will not do the same.  This is about the one, this is about fate.  The possibility that there is someone for everyone we just have to meet them.

I think that in relationships we get comfortable.  Comfortable with the life we create with one another and comfortable with familiarity, even when our entire being is suffocating in a relationship we stick it out.  I am not referring to the uncomfortable times when things just make us feel bad like, infidelity, jealousy and other things that come with relationships.  I am referring to the times when things are going perfectly but you can’t breathe, when you wake up in the middle of the night look over at the person and want to get away from them even though they’ve done nothing wrong.

I don’t understand why people feel as though things need to go wrong in order move on from a relationship.  Has society made complacency the norm in relationships, do we really believe that is will always get better and that it’s just a rough patch?

I don’t want to a feel as though the life is being sucked out of me because I am comfortable.  We should not settle for familiar when extraordinary is out there.  When you meet a person who makes you want to be better and makes you feel as though there is so much more to life and if there isn’t that’s OK,  because they are there with you; I think you’ve found your person.  The one person created just for you.

I choose to not be complacent in a relationship because I am the person who will leave in the middle of the night and not wait for the feeling to pass. I want the person who soothes my soul and makes my heart smile.  I want the person undoubtedly make me better and ultimately wants the best for me.  Someone who will support me when needed but will also roll over look me directly in the eyes and say you need to get your shit together; and not for himself but for me.  The one man who calls me on my bullshit but accepts that it comes with the territory.  Who will not always give me what I want but is more concerned with what I need.

If you can find that person you may have found the ONE.


7 thoughts on “If Loving you is right then I want to be wrong….”

  1. This isn’t my experience. I’ve never been with someone and knew in my gut she wasn’t the 1, unless it’s a girl I dated and knew ahead of time it won’t be forever.

    But breaking up aint easy. I think you’re missing that point LL.

    1. Your experience doesn’t set a standard; it’s just one experience. I am referring to the times where you know that the person is wrong for you. All signs point that way but you deal with it, and you stay with them against any better judgment. Intuition is a powerful thing and I’ve learned the hard way to trust mine.
      I can’t miss a point, when I’m making a point.

      1. The point is, breaking up isn’t easy. And that’s basically what your post proves. If breaking up was easy, then those ppl would listen to intuition. And no need to be so bitchy.

      2. I wasn’t trying to be bitchy sorry if you took that way. I agree breaking up is hard especially when the other person doesn’t understand why and you really can’t justify it.

  2. I get what you were saying, and I’ve been there. More times than I care to admit. We live and learn from each experience.

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