Secrets & Confessions: Never Lovers Always Friends

I had a crush on this guy for a lot of college and when he finally pays me attention as more than a friend I was so hung up on my ex at the time that I didn’t even notice, well I noticed but I didn’t care.  A year or so later, after we had an awesome night at club and made some hilarious memories,  he confronted about it and we are still friends.  Looking back I think I did the right thing for me at the time.  I was looking for an outlet and he provided one at the perfect time.

Knowing all that I know about him now I am happy that things worked out  the way they did, he is an amazing friend.  I’m not sure I could see him in any other capacity than that.  In college we had some crazy club nights and it was fun. He was a friend when I needed one and proved that everything doesn’t turn out how you plan it.  When I met him swore we would be married by now, lol.  I can’t believe I ever thought that. I do think he was placed in my life to be there that night, if nothing else.  He was my ultimate crush turned, even better friend.


2 thoughts on “Secrets & Confessions: Never Lovers Always Friends”

  1. Seems like we all have someone like that, I have a female friend who helped me through my divorce and I swore we would be together after it was over. Turns out we were much better friends than lovers

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