30 Day Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Your Opinion Of Cheating in Relationships

It happens.  I think that there are times when you walk and times when you don’t.  I think that if you Love the person you forgive them, if they’ve earned it and if you think that you won’t become completely paranoid and can move on.  However if they cheat on you again you have to accept all responsibility for however you feel because you choose to stay in that situation.

Do all people cheat? NO.

Are all cheaters bad people? NO.

If someone cheats does that mean they don’t love the person they are with?  I think people do the most fucked up shit to the people they Love.

I do feel that cheating can be detrimental to any relationship, it completely changes the blind trust you have in someone but we all have to go through these things to learn and grow; whether you are cheating or being cheated on.





4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Day 4”

  1. Not meaning to be an asshole, but this 30 day challenge thing is kind of annoying and wack to be honest.

    Not only you’re doing it, but a million other bloggers are doing similar 30 day challenges by the same name.

    Another thing, publishing posts after posts with the same name will cause readers to bail on you. For the same reasons I mentioned above; it’s tiring and draining to read article after article with the same title. Those little things turn readers off and tick them off also.

    For instance, I believe you have the “eye candy of the day” thing. That is also a turn off for readers since it’s the same repetitive title every day. Good/ unique titling is what make ppl read others stuff. If you keep using the same titles every day, ppl will get fed up eventhough they like your blog (as I do). Get creative and unique.

    BTW, check your spam folder and approve my comments which were spammed.

    1. You are an asshole and I am saying that in the nicest way possible. But thank you for you candid feedback Eye Candy is not going anywhere. Funny you mentioned the challenge thing because I did the first 5 days and vetoed the rest I got bored after reading the question most of which I routinely address. So never fear I’m over that not so brilliant idea. Random thoughts are not going to be everyday because I’m not quite that clever or consistent. Not going to bombarded you guys with them or name them the same thing every time, they will have the same category though. And yeah there were all kinds of not spam in that folder. Thanks SK as usual you came through with the real. If you have any more concerns please feel free to address them.

      1. No one ever check their spam until my shit gets sent to spam and I have to remind the blogger lol.

        As far as the challenge titling; please try that like you stated, in naming them differently, because the way ppl’s minds work, it’d appear to us that it’s the same post being reposted every time. As silly as it sounds, that’s the impression it leaves on the human mind.

        So simply rename them. It’d pay off. For example; “30 Day Challenge: Going on a diet” (if you still want to include the words challenge). But don’t just put “30 Day Challenge Day 10”.

        Just as you got bored, imagine the readers lol. Not that challenges are boring (they’re not). It’s just the repetitive title drains the mind.

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