Stealing Blog Ideas Like a Professional Thief

I read Social Kenny’s Random Thought of the Day Post and had, as Oprah would say, and Ah Ha moment.  I have more random thoughts than wise ones and thought these would be interesting topics of discussions instead of full on post. Thank you SK for the inspiration I am indebted to you for as long as I continue this column. So on to my first random thought of the day.

Some guys are pushy and not in a good way.  Pushiness should be strategic and covert, at least when dealing with a women like me.  There are very few people especially men that I let control any aspect of my life so to be ordered around is a turn off for me; unless you are him and in that case I will do whatever you tell me to do.  And I digress, I think that men should be smarter than me I should not know if you only want to know what I feel like, at least pretend to be interested or be up front.  I would much rather you be up front and honest or disappear afterwards, than to feel like you’re pushing me into bed; geez have a little finesse. Am I being unrealistic, maybe; but you can steal more kids with candy instead of pickles.





3 thoughts on “Stealing Blog Ideas Like a Professional Thief”

  1. Been wanting to comment on this, but wordpress is fucking me over at the moment. And thanks for the props.

    BTW, what do you mean b y pushiness in a covert way? I do get the drift, but give an example.

      1. Lol well when I meant that I get the drift, I was actually saying that this is part of my tactics as a pick-up artists.

        That is essentially what we’re about; flying under the radar.

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