10 Things We Should All Stop Waiting For


  1. The profound moment when you just know.
  2. Gas prices to drop
  3. Lauryn Hill to make another album and a Destiny’s Child Reunion
  4. The perfect job- Very few of us get the privilege to do what we love. Many of us learn to love what we end up doing; or despising it.
  5. Things to happen for us- You have to make them happen
  6. Happiness to find us-  You are responsible for your own personal happiness so you need to figure out how to be happy
  7. To have enough money to start saving- my step mom always says pay yourself first.
  8. The right moment to break up-  it will always be awkward and the more time that passes the more unhappy you will become.
  9. The Apocalypse-  I’ve survived way too many for any future predictions to be trusted.
  10. The ONE

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