30 Day Challenge Day 1

Day 1: 5 interesting (or not so interesting)  facts about ME.

1.)  I am a Gemini and I think that it describes my personality almost perfectly. I am not that big into astrology but my birth sign is almost a complete representation of how I go about life, which I think is interesting.

2.) The smallest things turn me off.  I think it’s funny, there are only a few people with whom I haven’t had this problem.  When I say the smallest thing I mean the smallest things, but I am pretty sure that has something to do with the fact that there is so much going on in my head at all times.

3.) I enjoy working out but I hate going to do it lol.  Working out is fun for me it’s actually getting up to do it is a different story.  I think it’s important to have healthy habits and I push myself to workout at least 3x a week.

4.) I like men who are a little stocky.  I am most attracted to men with meat on their bones; skinny guys need not apply.

5.) I am emotionally stunted. I think things through thoroughly and I think it’s a gift and curse because in matters o f the heart I tend to think way to hard instead of just letting my feelings and emotions take the lead. But part of that is the fact that it take a little longer than average for me to realize how I feel but I always know what I think.


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