Don’t Let Your Emotions Make You Their BITCH!!!!!

Emotions are tricky and women get so caught up in them... Record scratches silent stare given.  Excuse me, people get caught in them.  Usually thinking with our hearts gets us in a lot of trouble and when you add the new person scent it gets even more complex because it’s a mix between nostalgia, lust and blind trust.  In the beginning stages of meeting people we automatically trust them because what reasons would we have not to?? We are not invested and they have not given us any reasons not to. But there is always a point when you have to decide if you want to be rational or emotional.

The initial connection you have with some people can be blinding.  You feel as though you have never met anyone like this person and it’s always true because no two people are the same.  But it’s when we decide to ride the wave of infatuation and nostalgia that we get hurt.  Some of us ride this wave for years because the person never really lets us in; only giving us glimpses of what things would be like with them. Through these glimpses we create an image of what it would be like full time with them.  Even thinking deep down inside that they might be the one.  Please, Please, Please Wake Up!!!!!!  Those are emotions talking.  The fact is, who you think they are and who they truly are, are two completely different people. You might be better off having an imaginary relationship with who you want them to be, rather than finding out who they really are.

There are times when you want to tell someone everything you have ever felt about them and those my dear are emotions.  a rational mind would tell you that pouring your heart out to someone who hasn’t opened theirs to you is a very big mistake, so get a grip.  The bottom line is if you have been talking to  and dating someone off and on for years, then I would think they weren’t intereted in you in that way; you simply provide an optional convenience. Don’t be an optional convenience.  Don’t think with you heart or your pants think with your head.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Emotions Make You Their BITCH!!!!!”

    1. SK, it depends on who is’ trying to keep their pimp hand the strongest. I think that men have to earn the my emotions; after all being upset is a side effect of giving a fuck. So with that being said it doesn’t matter who let the emotions out first we just have to sure that it is at the right time with the right person, for us and for them.

      1. And should women have a pimp hand? Isn’t the pimp hand a man thing? No relationship could last with the woman being the dominant one holding off on her emotions. Men love women who show emotions and let it out. Otherwise, we would date men where we won’t have to worry about emotions and feelings and soppiness. Women should maintain the feminine role(emotional) and men the masculine role(dominance).
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      2. In 2012 though? How can you a seemingly progressive man think this way. If you dated men you would be gay, which by all means go for it. Women have to be able to be rational. There are situations when we are sleeping with and dating the same people on and off for years. So in these situations we have to control our emotions and think about it rationally. It doesn’t mean be dominate or less feminine. It means that we have to be in control of us, and how we feel. Sometimes people don’t really care about your feelings and you have to be aware of that. Being aware means being rational because emotions are tricky. Yes women should keep their pimp hands strong and sometimes men should in fact, forget they have one or choose not to use them.

      3. What I mean was, men(straight) do not want to date other men, that’s why a relationship won’t last if the GF has the most masculine tendencies like not expressing emotions. Any man who wants a dominant woman might as well date another man. That was my point.
        Yea but women are NOT rational beings. We teach this in pickup like no tomorrow. Women are illogical and emotional. They don’t use logics when it comes to men,love,sex and relationship. So you’re expecting women to do what is not in their nature( to think logically and make logical decisions when it comes to men). It can’t happen. Emotions overpowers logics all the time when it comes to women. We have a saying in the seduction community that “to fuck a woman, a guy needs not to make her horny. Just make her emotional”. Once a woman is in an emotional state, she will do anything,including kill for that man, fuck without a rubber,have one-night stands,etc. You’ve eluded to this(women letting emotions lead them).
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