What we can all learn from Kimye???

Any press is good press, lol.  For the record, I believe Kim and Kanye are in a real relationship, however the number of fucks I give about them and their situation might be somewhere between not many and negative 8.  I decided to write about them because people won’t stop talking about it so I am cant help jumping on this damned band wagon. See even more press.

Birds of a feather might flock together after all.  Both Kim and Kanye seem to Love attention.  I don’t know them in real life so I may be wrong.  Aside from loving attention, they love fashion, their families, the paparazzi, leather pants, money and they both like to have relationships that overlap or happen concurrently.  I think that we attract people who we have things in common with.  It makes it easier to relate each other or at least be around each other for long periods of time.

Some people elevate you to another level.  It is a common belief that people date people of their own caliber or at least what they think their caliber is. That is not  always true, some women look for a higher status than their own or someone who can help them achieve a higher one eventually. Kim is gaining access to all types of things we would never see her at, ie the BET awards, with Beyonce, on the front row at fashion week fashion shows.  Kanye is is getting crazy props from all men everywhere, and she is his new muse. Kim is giving him all kinds of material for albums to come,  if it doesn’t work out the album will be even better.

Be who you are but embrace suggestions. Just because someone has clothing line, calls them self a designer and offers to buy you a new wardrobe doesn’t mean they should dress you. Kanye is apparently such a renown clothing designer that he has decided to style Kim and she actually agreed, even being seen in those ridiculous shoes.  While I understand supporting your man in all his endeavors I will never condone fixing things that aren’t broken.  Kim has a great sense of style and is a fool for letting him throw out her clothes.  However, I applaud her for being open to the idea that even she could step it up.


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