Laws Every Free Spirit Should Follow.

Reblogged from Free Spirits United:

  1. Love who you are in this exact moment in time
  2. You might die tomorrow, so live like it
  3. Be honest with yourself and the people around you
  4. Follow your heart, but lead with your mind
  5. Express yourself the best way you know how
  6. Plan little, but experience much
  7. People are going to judge no matter how you decide to live your life
  8. Fear will exist, but make sure it does not dominate
  9. Trust your inner voice more than the outer voices
  10. Never be ashamed or apologies for being who you are
  11. Maintain your freedom and control in every aspect of life
  12. Respect others and yourself always, but respecting others does not mean doing as they expect of you
  13. Don’t tie your happiness to wealth or materialistic things
  14. Keep low debt. Maintain your financial flexibility
  15. Be an free thinker, base your spirituality based on your experiences, not a book or other people
  16. Be open to change
  17. Live in the moment

My Own addition:

18) Don’t be afraid to feel because emotions don’t have to put things (ie relationships, people, and yourself) in boxes


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