Go Forth and Touch

This post is about being affectionate.  I am a very affectionate person when it comes to the person I am involved with. I think that it is a key part of any healthy relationship.  It is in those simple touches, kisses, hugs, etc that we create strong  bonds with other people, we create intimacy.  Have you ever noticed when two people are having sex with each other they can not help but touch, even if its just a graze?  I think that is very important to show people how you feel not just tell them.  And this does not mean that I think that making out in a public places is ok; but I am not one to judge, been there done that.  But there is nothing wrong with PDA; PDA is a very right within reason of course.  In my non professional opinion if you are not touching there is something wrong,  If you don’t kiss or hug at least once a day maybe you should reevaluate some things, or try to get the spark back.  Part of the upside to being bothered with someone else is to have someone you can touch on a regular basis among other things.  So go on touch someone; show them how you feel


2 thoughts on “Go Forth and Touch”

  1. I’m not that affectionate. I feel uncomfortable unless I’m truly in love with a person.

    Thanks for writing this post, makes me wonder what’s wrong with me!

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