Life Lessons from the Birthday Girl!!

So a certain amount of years ago on this date at 2:07 pm I popped into the world and apparently shocked my mom because I was supposed to be a boy.  That however is neither here nor there, and while I have thought so hard about what I was going to write on this glorious day I figured since this blog is dedicated to Love and Lust and I would write about that.

It’s my Birthday y’all, and while I’m usually super excited about this day I feel some sort of quarter life crisis coming on, I giggled at the thought of me having a quarter life crisis but it seems to be happening lol.  On my birthday I like to reflect on life thus far, be thankful for everything and think about how I can be better.  So in the spirit of reflection I am doing a list post about what I’ve learned about Love and Lust.

Six things I’ve learned and about Lust and Sex:
  •  Sex does complicate things
  • Lust is the initial attraction but it fades and you can’t sustain a relationship based off of that.
  • Good sex can make you stay in a bad situation, just don’t be that stupid.
  • Size matters, unfortunately
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things; within your comfort zone
  • Don’t use sex as a weapon or bargaining chip.
12 things I’ve learned about Love and Relationships:
  • Be with someone who makes you happy, but be aware that other people’s opinions actually matter.
  • Don’t get to serious too fast; take your time.
  • Don’t get lost in someone else;  be who you are no matter what.
  • Every relationship isn’t meant to last forever, but we can learn from them all.
  • Love can’t be forced nor can it always be avoided
  • There is a difference between Loving and being in Love
  • Relationships are a lot of work so you have to to be willing to work at it
  • Communication is important and more so it’s knowing how to communicate
  • Don’t talk about your relationship to everyone
  • Love is complex
  • Women and men have two completely different ideas about a lot of stuff
  • The stomach is not the only way to a mans heart but it might be the fastest way

6 thoughts on “Life Lessons from the Birthday Girl!!”

  1. Happy Birthday.., yes I’m a few days late and a dollar short. LOL 🙂

    Don’t talk about your relationship to everyone.. yes a thousand times yes!!

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