Mr. Impossible or Mr. Incredible

Sorry in advance for the the length.  This a post for the ladies  in my age range who want to settle down with men who are not ready to settle down.

In movies and in reality it seems that we are always asking men to be patient, to be understanding, to chase her.  But I am finding that the older I get the more the tables are turning on this.  Guys have a long memory and they don’t seem to grasp the move on and leave the past in the past theory very well.  If it’s not the memory that is the problem it is the fact that they not only have options but they plan things out.  I am convinced that in my age range single men, well most of them, are not looking for Love, it just kinda of happens and sometimes it takes work on the our part as women.  We have to learn to be patient and understanding, to be able to provide that right amount of space and attention for the men we date.  At times I find this impossible.  I feel like I’m chasing someone but I have to realize that it’s not always about me, it’s about Mr. Impossible.

Mr. Impossible- Wants his space and time with his friends.  Wants you to be available when convenient and has a very unaffected nature.  To you it seems if you are out of sight you are not on his mind, which may very well be true.  He has a plan for his life and nothing can distract him from this trajectory. He is a catch and he knows it so when he is paying attention to you his eyes are always looking for the next best thing. He may be Mr. Right but he is not Mr.  Ready.  If he has ever been in a serious relationship it probably ended badly. Seemingly he doesn’t need you to be around, it’s cool if you are but he doesn’t notice when you’re not.  He thinks that Love makes him more vulnerable than he is comfortable with and is guarded because of it.  It seems impossible to know what he really thinks or feels even though you kinda know already.

Unlike the things I have been taught to believe, men don’t have to be patient nor do they have to understand my past; at this stage in the game it is more important for me to be patient and understanding. I am living a post college life and a while I am still on this quest to the great Love of my life, the men around me are not.  Mr. Impossible has taught me that you should tread lightly with him, but not too lightly. Make him a priority but not your only option because after all he doesn’t really want the commitment.  He is enjoying singledom.

There is point where “Men choose and Women settle”.  This is because men are presented with more options.  For many of them they just pick who they want and what they are willing to deal with but women, on the other hand, begin to make concessions.  I don’t think we need to make concessions, I think we need to adjust our approach.  Look nice, smell good, be driven and passionate, Love yourself first and don’t take what you can get because of his potential. Mr. Impossible may be Mr. Incredible if you can get through the wall he has built around himself. The thing is he may not be your Mr Incredible. Being patient is one thing but realizing when he is not really interested is just important. Be aware and take the hint if you need to; above all else always be ready to move on.


9 thoughts on “Mr. Impossible or Mr. Incredible”

  1. But its so hard to move on! I feel like we look for the wrong type of men…the men we enjoy dating are not the men who will want to marry us more times than not. But yeah, finding and keeping Mr. Right is definitely a lifelong balancing act.

      1. We ladies love to dream. The general concensus among my guy friends is find a woman at 28 or 29, marry by 32 and have kids right away. I don’t know where they come up with this, but they really believe it happens this way.

      2. That’s the ideal way for a guy but I’d rather get married around 25, spend a few years living it up with the hubby, save up, buy a nice car/house, and THEN think about kids.

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