HBO presents GIRLS: Why this is my new favorite show.

This show is amazing to me; Lena is a genius.  Once I get pass the fact that ethnically, I am not represented in the least bit I get really drawn in.  From the reviews I have read on the internet most people want to analyze what it says about our society, well I am not going to take that angle simply because my critical thinking hat is sitting on the bookshelf over there.  I am going to just write about how I can relate to this show in spite of the lack of cultural diversity.  I relate on a very simplistic level; being 20 something, post degree, unmarried and female.

20 something-  I am starting to get the feeling that this stage in life is complex.  I am trying to form who I want to become as a person based on my opinions of things.  I am able to analyze the world around me based on my own experiences thus far, no matter how daunting it sounds I am creating the rest of my life.

Post Degree-  Whose idea was it for college to end.  Like in the show some of us land jobs and the rest of us are just trying to figure it out.  I like the representation of both and how this affects the dynamics of familial relationships and friendships.

Unmarried- Either you’re  single, dating or you’re in a serious a relationship. When you’re single, you are usually looking for someone to date. Sometimes you are trying to figure out if you’re actually dating the guy mutually and exclusively. The rest of the time you’re trying to figure out if you want to stay in the relationship you are already in.  Unmarried is complicated at times, but it is so musch more fun.

Female–  Aside from the fact that being Black adds another layer to my experiences in America, I relate to the fact that they are women.  I relate to the very basic female experience because we are not all that different. Our approaches may be different, our attitudes and swagger may be, but all in all, we have more similarities than differences.

I’m sure I could think of other ways I relate to this show but these are the top four.  I would recommend this show to anyone, it’s entertaining and relateable.  It’s more like reality than any reality TV I’ve seen in a long time. If you liked Sex in the City you will probably like this.


5 thoughts on “HBO presents GIRLS: Why this is my new favorite show.”

  1. Hmm I may have to chekc this out On Demand, because I love Sex in the City and maybe I will like it. LOL…thanks for this review.

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