He Who Holds the Wallet

Money in relationships creates and even changes dynamics.  When you are with someone you can depend on financially it is gift and a curse.  As an independent minded woman I tend to think that you should at least want to provide for yourself and if you are with someone who wants to help fine; as long as you don’t mind helping if need be. Money is always a sticky subject, in the beginning it’s nice if he pays but you always have enough in your pocket to cover the check.  I have been in relationships where money lines have been very blurred and maybe that has something to do with the fact that money isn’t really something I think too hard about, it simply is what it is, but now that I am getting older money is becoming a serious matter of discussion. Who makes more? Do we split the check? Who pays for what?  Joint or separate?

I am the first to admit that I am spoiled rotten when it comes to men and their money.  I enjoy being able to say that my man takes very good care of me and I like to think that I take very good care of him.  I acknowledge that money has changed the dynamics of our relationship and it will continue to do so.  I have learned to trust him based on how he handles his money and mine. But I have also learned that financial independence makes it easier to navigate life how I want.  It makes it less about the whole and more about the individual.  The fact of that matter is, in dating it is important to have your own and depend on yourself.  I Loved the safety net but I hated that feeling of obligation.   How you choose to deal with money in a relationship is probably going to be unique to every relationship.  At the end of the day just be aware of how the dynamics of your relationship will change when you start to share finances.


One thought on “He Who Holds the Wallet”

  1. Im so used to doing things on my own its hard to let a man take the reins and provide for me. Idk I’m weird…lol

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