Tried and True Lusty Tips From Me to You

These are just a few tips that might make life more interesting for all of you who may be stuck in rut.
  • Kiss. Gently bite his lip when kissing.  I’m not a big fan of tongue but some people are, so learn how to incorporate it correctly. All people aren’t good kissers and if your partner isn’t take the lead.
  • When giving oral, swallow and after that keep going for about 30 seconds or longer. He will Love you for it.
  • When having sex if it’s not working for you, start by making minor adjustments such as limb placement. The minor changes can make a big difference.
  • Forget breakfast have MORNING SEX, start your day off right.
  • In public flirt with him like you’ve been wanting him all day. When you get home take advantage of the willing.
  • Lay down on your stomach with your legs together and let him enter you from behind. This drives him wild every time.
  • Many women leave the condom choices to the man, change this.  Stroll down the condom aisle and buy some condoms that seem interesting to you.  Just be sure they are the right size for your partner.  I strongly suggest buying the thinnest condoms you can find.
  • Do Kegels throughout the day. They are by far my most important form of exercise, to me. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles hold for 20 seconds, repeat 3-5 times.  I usually do this about 3 times a day.  If you have a lot of sex it helps keep you tight in all the right places.  No one knows I’m doing it and not only does it exercise your vaginal muscles but it helps your bladder too.
  • Send a sexy pic of yourself when he least expects it.  Does he have a meeting or conference? Is he out drinking with friends? Send him a pic just to show him what’s on your mind.
  • Sound like your enjoying it but try to avoid sounding like you’re being killed.  Have you ever watched porn on mute? Not the same effect, right? Well that’s because we like what we see to match what we hear.  Moaning is a turn on, screaming like you’re being stabbed, for the most part, is not.
  • Figure him out… Watch for his reaction this will tell you when you’re pushing the right buttons.
  • Think outside of your box you might like more things than you think.

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