Forgive and Forget: Not for them but For You

Forgiveness is giving up on the past that we thought we wanted. – Oprah

Forgiveness is about letting go of the Hope that the past could have been different. In relationships we have to a learn how to get past the hurt by not living in the past.  People make mistakes and it is in those moments we see who we are and what we can be capable of.  No matter how much you Love someone you have the ability to hurt them.  While this may not be your intention it can happen.  In Love and in Life we have to be forgiving of the people who hurt us by living in the that reality. The reality that we are not perfect and that things happen for a reason.  That everything we ever experience makes us who we are meant to be.

Forgiveness does not mean staying  in an unhappy relationship, it simply means not holding on to the pain and carrying it with you.  I know that everyone always says that we shouldn’t bring our past relationships into the current ones and I completely agree.  Actually you should thank your past for preparing you for your future.  Even if you decide to stay in a relationship after being hurt, it is imperative that you learn to move past it all.  After being hurt and staying and then being hurt again, I learned that I had to be just as accountable the second time around.  I had been hurt  but I had also choosen to stay.  I could not blame him for me staying, I could be disappointed that it happened again.

Forgiveness is not a gift to the other person but a gift to ourselves.  It says that we let the hurt and pain go and that we are better for it.  Forgiveness is a test a strength and courage.  In order to truly forgive someone who hurt you, you have to be strong enough to face the reality of what happened and courageous enough to allow yourself to grow because of it.  Just remember that everything that we go through shapes who we are. How we choose to deal with things and what we allow ourselves to learn determines who we ultimately become.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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