Sex Changes Things so Talk About it

Is it to soon to talk about sex with a person you are trying to date or dating??? I think it depends.  How soon do you plan on having sex with the person?  Do you find yourself getting the urge to jump on top of them whenever you are together? If so, the you probably should probably sop reading this blog post, and talk about it.  If not then it depends.

Sex is one of those sticky subjects.  Should you be completely honest?  Are they going to judge you? You don’t want to set up these expectations that you’re easy or amazing in bed but you don’t want to seem like a prude.  More often than not we hint at the topic without having an open and honest conversation. You guys throw in a dirty joke here and there and then the next thing you know you are looking for your underwear in the dark trying to sneak out of someone’s house, and eventually you leave the underwear and get the heck out to avoid the awkward conversation that might follow. Don’t deny it, it’s OK  because this is a judgement free zone.  But all of this just happened and you have no idea what that person thinks about sex. Now I’m not suggesting that people start to talk about sex early on because I think early is changing in the minds of everyone; we are all moving at hyper speed.  With the availability of constant communication and social networking you can find out far too much too early, and without asking.

Ok so what do I think… I think that it’s never too early to have the conversation and it’s never too early to do the deed.   Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to wait but if a person is genuinely interested in you they will want to know who you are, if you wait 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 months.  I’ve asked the guys that I know and they all seem to think that they don’t view a woman any differently based on the amount of time she makes him wait, it has more to do with how he felt about her before and where the relationship will go after that.   The general consensus is that sex early will not hinder a relationship but it begs the question, “Do you do this with everyone?”. Of course there were variables like, was alcohol involved, how much time are we spending together, and when was the last time either of us had sex? But those questions didn’t change the ultimate answer.

It is very important to note that although I may have an “it’s just sex” attitude, I can recognize that sex does change things between people and we should respect that fact.  So if you are going to have sex be ready for the consequences. This person may judge you on your performance or they may judge you because you were easy and maybe even lose respect for you, even in 2012 with a new sexual revolution going on.  So be ready.


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