30 Days of Honesty: Day 18

I would  disagree that high school was the time of my life… Because…

I went to college… Undergrad is the best time you will ever have in you life hands down.  You set your schedule however you want and you can use being a student as an excuse for just about anything. You learn so much that at the time you can’t imagine how its goin to be relevant, then you go on a job interview and all of a sudden you have an inteligent conversation. I Loved college and I wish I could do it over and over but it would be different doing it at my age and knowing all that I know.


6 thoughts on “30 Days of Honesty: Day 18”

  1. I agree that college was great but I wish I’d enjoyed myself a bit more. I crammed my life with a double major in 3.5 years, worked 4 jobs, and spent the rest of my free time in the library. When it was all done and people were saying it was the best time of their lives I thought, “What the f*ck did I do wrong? That was the hardest 4 freaking years of my life!!”

    1. I didn’t double major but I worked far more than my peers, having 3 jobs. But going into my senior year my dad told me I had all my life to work that hard and this was the time to be broke and enjoy it. So I stopped working 2 of the jobs and I had so much fun the last year and a half.

      1. I had 3 roommates and I was the only one with a job, let alone more than that. It was hard and I don’t regret it but I do wish I could have taken that moment to relax. Instead I’ve been plugging forward as hard as possible unable to enjoy the sights and sounds. I’m starting to finally smell some roses…10 years later…hah!

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