5 ways to tell if she’s interested?

1.  She responds to your initial contact if she doesn’t contact you first

How many times have you texted the woman you met the night before and she didn’t respond (if she gave you the right number).  The good thing is if she gave you her number she was initially interested.  The bad thing is if she doesn’t respond to initial contact she probably changed her mind.

2. She makes physical contact

So you guys are not in a formal relationship.  You are just in the initial stages of getting to know one another.  If she likes you she will make subtle physical contact.  Knees will touch she will hold you arm, playfully bump into you and things like that. She is not super affectionate yet, but affectionate enough to let you know she is comfortable with you.

3. She will open up to you

We have all met a person who tells too much to fast.  I have been that person on occasion.  If she likes you she will open up to you more and actually be honest. When you are getting to know her and she is genuinely interested in letting you, she will let you in a little. She will tell you about the time when she fell off her bike and hurt her knee or in my case why she has so many burn marks on her arms.

4.  She will not tell you the details of her past relationships.

There are some women who don’t necessarily follow this rule, and they should start. If you ask her about her past relationships she will give you the basics and not the ends and outs.  If she tells you details that will negatively portray her she may not like you in that way.  In my experience unless she is raw from a hard breakup she will not tell you how she nagged him about going out with friends or why her last 2 relationships overlapped.

5. She will want to know where this going.

If she is interested in more than a few free meals or sporadic companionship she will want to know where this is going. She will want to talk about what you think of relationships and are you looking for one. She will be very interested in the where your head is without actually asking about where your head is with her. She may not come out and ask you how feel about her because it is too early for that but she wants to know what your intentions are and where your focus is.


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