Alpha Female seeks Alpha Male: Please Apply Within

Funny conversation happened to me this weekend.  I was sitting at a local bar with my bff and as usual we turned a few heads.  I was approached by a interesting character, whom I will call Memphis, I think that’s where he was from.  Memphis and I started having a conversation about family and children.  How we got on this subject I have no idea.  But I explained that I wanted 3 children not too far apart in age and I didn’t want to work until they were of school age.  He laughed and asked if I wanted to be taken care of.  I said no I am very capable and willing to work and my work ethic was impeccable.  But with my current salary would cover a little more than childcare cost for 3 children.  Then he asked if I was looking for an Alpha male or someone who makes enough to make it happen. This is a loaded question.

I explained that my taste in men has always leaned toward the Alpha male types, my dad is that way.  I like men who know what they want and go after it with nothing stopping them.  I am also attracted to men who take the lead instead of those who follow. The problem with these men is the ability to keep their attention   takes skill and at times it is not worth the effort.  They tend to be so focused on their goals that you turn into more of a distraction than a partner. I prefer a strong partnership above all else.  So while I am most attracted to this type of man I don’t usually date them.

Memphis brought up a good point.  If you want that type, you have to be that type.  Strong men are attracted to strong women.  Men want you to bring just as much to the table as they do, because there are women lined up around the block for successful men. I agreed and I noticed that the difference between me and those women is that he was talking to me and not them, but the options were limited that night some I’m not patting myself too hard on the back.

In my dealings with driven men I’ve found that they all want a good balance of someone who will understand that they are not available and be willing to handle that, as well as, play a supporting role to them.  But on the other hand they want you to be available because they are not so understanding.  At times I think these men don’t know what they want. Above all they want to spread their seed.  So… until the Alpha man can bring a uterus and another set of genetics I will always bring more lol, at least in my opinion.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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