30 Days of Honesty: Day 6

My worst cooking disaster involved _____________ and this person/these people…

I am a very good cook.  I have never experienced a cooking disaster.  Actually if I could go back and do college again I would go to culinary school instead. When I was almost 4  years old I made biscuits.  It was after my little younger sister was born and no one was up to make me breakfast.  As a child my mom explained what she was doing, everything was a lesson.  Every morning my Mom made breakfast she would show me how to beat the eggs and preheat the oven for the biscuits.  She explained you turn on the oven and after Mr Rogers feeds the fish you put the biscuits in the oven.  Following the instructions she had given me so many times before I made biscuits while everyone was sleeping in.  My dad came into the house from outside before long and saw the oven mitts that covered my entire arm, and noticed the smell in the air.  He was terrified and extremely proud that I had done this, he took the biscuits out the oven and finished making breakfast. a few weeks later he brought home oven mitts that fit me, I was so happy. Looking back I see how this could have been a disaster, but it actually turned into one of those stories told over and over throughout your life


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