Fitting into a box, to be put on a shelf.

I Love to see my friends happy but I hate to see them settle.  If you want something go for it.  Don’t take what you can get, unless you have some kind of strategy and even then you should be careful with that course of action.  When you take what you can get you set yourself up for potential failure.  How can someone ever truly value who you completely are when you fit yourself into a box for them?  Eventually they will put the box on the shelf and find new entertainment.  It has happened to me, and trust me it hurts.  When the person you see yourself with, who truly lights up your world, places you  in the box on a shelf of conquests; instead of in the picture frame by their bed. The worst part is there is nothing you can do.  You played the position so well that they didn’t see a place for you anywhere else. But what can you do… you live and you learn.

When someone says what they don’t want believe them and believe that, most importantly,  they don’t want it with you.  The feelings are not always mutual, no matter how hard you try you to make it seem that way.  My advice to any person who wants to pursue someone who is seemingly uninterested in them no matter how much time they spend together…



Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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