30 Days of Honesty: Day 2

Not including food, blogging, or television my most guilty pleasure is…

Shoes… I Love shoes they can make an outfit. Well Makeup too.  I love shoes and makeup.  I try the latest in both categories and although I think 5 inch heels are overkill, I wear them proudly and with grace.  There is something great about good makeup and knowing what works for you.  I think that I am very good at enhancing what I look like, instead of transforming into a clown.  I Love shoes and makeup and I can’t pick one at this time. I overspend on both.


10 thoughts on “30 Days of Honesty: Day 2”

  1. I like how the image combines both of your guilty pleasures. it’s your money to overspend! Everyone has a guilty pleasure but as you will see tomorrow, I’m glad mine is free! May I inquire as to how many pairs you have?

  2. I adore tiny shoes with a low heel in weird colours! I have a pink pair which are sooo cute! I usually buy them from eBay but I look for well known brands! One time I managed to get a £65 pair for only £5! Everybody keeps asking me where I got them from as they were a limited edition. The chick had no idea what she was selling!
    Lucky me!

  3. Do you wear heels everyday? We have Tuesday Shoesday here in our little office where we all wear heels but the rest of the time I walk around too much to be comfortable in them all day. I do tend to think that I just need to harden up though. They’re just so gorgeous! Screw the pain!

    1. Just about everyday. You have to find what works for you. Wedges are more comfortable and lower heels for work of course. It takes some getting use to and I suggest you invest in shoes with good insoles or buy insertable insoles.

  4. Very cool. I stopped wearing heels ages ago. Perhaps, I’ll start shopping for them again. They surely look nice.

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