What’s your flavor Chocolate, Vanilla, or Caramel?

What is your physical type? Many people have them.  I don’t think I have a type, I think that I am attracted to different people for different reasons.   It kills me when people look for a very specific type.  For example my brothers seems to like the same woman over and over again; but they are all different women who look very similar.  What does a persons features actually say about that person….. don’t worry I’ll wait….. It doesn’t say anything about them, actually what you are attracted to says more about you.

I don’t think I have a physical type.  I am attracted to a certain type of man but the physical features vary greatly.  You can miss out on something special if you only like people based on their physical characteristics.  Now I am not saying that you can’t be attracted to certain features, because we all are attracted to certain features in a person.  For example instinctually we notice symmetry in a people’s faces.  Asymmetry signifies that something could have went wrong genetically or gestationally.  It is just one of the fail safes nature has put out there for us to breed more successfully.  Yes I said breed lol. I am not talking about the small things we don’t realize that we notice, I am speaking specifically about type.  I hate to hear people say I don’t date girls with short hair, or I want my man to be dark chocolate. Well that’s ignorant… to me at least.   This past weekend I was told I wasn’t his type lol, not that I was looking but when I asked “wWhy?” he  said “I’ve been told that light-skinned woman are evil”. As I stared blankly and blinked,  I was thrown off little, didn’t you approach me?  Here you are a seemingly educated man and you think light-skinned women are evil,  and while that may or may not be true, I guess evil dark-skinned women don’t exist.   Now I realize this may have been a joke but I wasn’t the least bit ammused.

To wrap this up don’t get caught up in physical type the best thing that ever happened to me didn’t look like anyone I had ever dated or looked twice at.  Base the decision on some more concrete attributes;  physical traits won’t matter in the lon run.  I do think you have to physically attracted but I don’t think nature predisposes us to skin tone, race, hair length, or any other abstract attribute. So try to keep an open mind out there people, you may be surprised.


4 thoughts on “What’s your flavor Chocolate, Vanilla, or Caramel?”

  1. I do have a type but the variety of that type is never ending. I have found my soulmate however my type is female. And there are more than 3.5 billion to choose from – if I were looking. For anyone who is searching, variety is the spice you need to season your life with.

  2. I don’t think I’m attracted to a certain type… But saying that my most loving long term relationships have been with blue eyed very fair skinned, skinny rather than stocky men…
    I think that’s down to chance though…

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