Protect Yourself

I would love to say that I’ve never had sex without a condom but damn it, I fucking hate condoms.  I will say that I am very particular about who I choose to disregard my overall health with and who is worthy of the awesomeness that is unprotected sex.  I don’t think anyone is worth my health or well being, but that’s not to implying that I don’t trust anyone enough to forgo the gift wrap.  I never argue condoms for birth control in the case of women because I feel that all women not ready to have children should be on some form of birth control. I’ve  also found that  birth control can actually be a deterrent for condom use because well pregnancy is way more immediate than HIV and other STI’s won’t kill you if detected early.

Those of us who were blessed with sex education we know that condoms not only protect against STI’s and pregnancy they make great water balloons and banana covers. On a serious note who is worth your life, if it is not the person you are with then wrap it up.  I have a friend who stashes condoms everywhere. I must say he is pretty clever too, never killing the mood to find one or fumbling to put it on; he has that shit down to a science.

  • Guys be creative with the process put some fucking thought into it. Where are the possible places you might have sex and where can you stash the latex life rafts???  LOOK AT HER!!!! This is your only chance to not potentially end up on Maury.  Do you really want any or anymore mini me’s running around?
  • Ladies figure out how you can make putting a condom on fun or quick and be able to know the difference between condom sex and raw sex.  His dick could have been anywhere, and by anywhere I mean everywhere but inside of you.
  • Everyone we can’t blame other people for our actions or inactions at the end of the day we all decide our own fate one way or another.

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