Imma make you my B***h!

Some  songs put you in a certain mood and Rihanna is no good for me. She makes me turn into a porn star, lol. Some people have a hard time expressing how they want to be umm… loved, lol.  I wrote a post a while back about giving criticism but I missed a big part of that; some people don’t know what they want.  At different times we’re in different moods and I believe that different partners tend to bring out different sides of our sexuality.  A great man once said “Every woman’s a freak it just takes the right man (woman) to bring it out of her”. But I think we can bring it out of ourselves with the right mindset. If you don’t  know what you want, think of a song that makes you feel a certain type of way.  If you have time put the ish on repeat so that you can be in that mindset for as long as possible.

Different people have different songs in my head and actually entire albums. If you want to be smutty put on a few Rih-Rih tracks. If you want to be dicked down put on some Trey Songs or good old fashion R-Kelly. If you want to be Loved opt for 112, Joe, Corrinne Bailey Rae or Jill Scott, although some of Jill Scotts song flirt with smut, just nicely put smut.

Sex is about the attitude and the type of sex you have depends on that.  I know some of us start out doing something different, then about half way through goes back to what always works.  That is great, but try something new; put on your bad girl attitude and sex like one. Take control if you never do or lose control if you tend to call the shots.  Don’t over think it just have fun. Before you go in the house take your panties off, lol. Surprise him he will not be disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Imma make you my B***h!”

  1. I get where you’re coming from,but what music would you recommend for to put one in a certain state?

    As much as I think R&B is the #1 cause of men selling out to women:I can definitely put on some 90’s R&B to get it right.

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