Random Rant: Smells like jealousy

This past few days has opened my eyes to a lot of the things, the main one being if you give people fuel they will start a fire.  I am the type of person who rarely has fucks to give about other people’s opinions of me and my relationship. But this has gone too far.  I would Love to say that I am not irritated with any of it but the person who I thought would have my back no matter what,  was 2 seconds from being told to have a fucking seat.

I just don’t understand what this person is trying to prove with the shit storm of ridiculous drama.  Maybe he secretly wishes he was able to feel a certain type of way.  Maybe he is jealous of what he believes happened with someone other than him.  Idk I just know that some men are bitch made more than others and that I don’t have time.  This is not a fight they want to bring to me.  Besides it seems more like a hurt ego because it was secret worth keeping until an ego was hurt via the Internet.  What they don’t realize it that I try to be an open book and there are few things that I keep secret and if I am asked for the most part I will tell the truth no matter how much it hurts.

The nerve of some people amazes me. The strength and mental agility of another does as well, I must say I am impressed and pleasantly suprised by how all this is being handled. I still think it’s time to start checking people but that’s just my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Random Rant: Smells like jealousy”

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