Dick Flashers Unite

In the recent past I have been dick flashed and not by little boys, but by grown ass men.  I am starting to think that maybe I look like someone who wants to randomly see dicks, but I’m sure that’s not it. I am convinced that there is an epidemic of thirsty dudes pulling out their dicks.  If you have no shame in your game more power to you but there are rules to pulling out your dick.

    1. Make sure she’s interested- Don’t just whip out your dick because you Think that he or she Might be feelin you like that.
    2. Know the type of person you’re dealing with-  If your package is sub standard then you might get laughed at if you’re dealing with someone who couldn’t care less about your feelings.
    3. Be sure it’s worth pulling out- If you have ever doubted how you measured up then you probably don’t. I will bet she or he is going to tell everyone that you don’t and exaggerate it as well.
    4. Please know him or her for more than 2 mins or even 2 weeks-  I know some are going to say I can smash in 2 weeks… While this may be true, it will  have you come off as thirsty; when you do this use some finesse.
    5. If you want don’t want to be known as “Pull Out Man” leave you dick in you pants- that’s self explanatory.
    6. Don’t do this in public- I was at a club a dude pulled his dick out on the dance floor. If we had been anywhere else he would have been considered a sex offender for being stupid; which is never a good look.

That’s all I can think of but it’s  problem out here so please

watch out for dick flashes because it might happen when you least expect it.


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