Round of Applause… I don’t want to make my ass clap… anymore.

Born into a generation of very overt sexuality in music and in dance I embrace freak dancing.  Partially because I’m not sure if I know how to dance any other way, and second because there is a heighten sensuality that comes with it.  Now there is a time and a place this not the type of dance you do at a formal social event or wedding but at the club it’s just fine.  There is a line I don’t cross with a stranger and I am not a member of anyone’s twerk team so my freak dancing abilities come with its limitations. I can not make my ass clap, bounce on a split or anything else you might consider a stripper trick, but I can mimic the average video vixen and I think that is sufficient.  However there is something to be said about how we express ourselves through dance. Freak dancing is mainstream now, but we know quantity doesn’t mean quality lol.  The funny thing is lately I’ve found myself less interested in freaking strangers and more leaning towards just having a good time some other way. I feel this way because I no longer get the satisfaction I use to get from it.  Let me clarify I am not saying I have put my freak dancing ways on a shelf but I have started to limited them, at least before the drinks start to flow then all bets are off.

Is this a sign of growth or am I turning into a prude? Am I too old to freak dance?


5 thoughts on “Round of Applause… I don’t want to make my ass clap… anymore.”

  1. Lol, you’re never too old to freak dance. But I think we all hit that transition age where we start looking at the stuff we used to do and wonder what the hell we were thinking, lol. Just like how I used to sag my pants and wear big chains…

  2. My problem with freak dancing is that not everyone does it the same, and then it gets awkward…. and the gentlemen seem to think that while doing this they are able to mess with my clothes and try to take them off, when did that start becoming acceptable on the dance floor???

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