Valentine’s Day Post.

There is nothing I hate more than bitter people on Valentine’s day….When I was little my Mom and Dad kinda made a big deal about it. So I remember those times. My parents always stressed that Valentine’s Day was about Love, no specific type; just Love. I make cupcakes with my friend, even though our cupcakes suck, the day is more about Love overall to me than Love of a romantic nature. If my sisters were around I’m sure I would be doing something with them for Valentine’s day as well. It is the one day you can be extremely sentimental with people and not feel strange about it. I try to do my best to make my single friends feel just as a good about Valentine’s Day as the ones that are attached.

I look forward to Valentine’s Day every year.   Aside from the Love part, I like to give gifts.  My boyfriend knows this; whenever I buy him a “surprise” he almost has to a talk me out of telling him what it is.  I like for people to know that although I am cold, blunt and in cases completely unaffected; I appreciate them for being around. If you have children make sure they feel special.  My Dad always presented us with Valentine’s before we got to school.  So even if none of our peers gave us anything we already felt special.  He showed me that Valentine’s was about Love and that first and foremost my Dad Loved me.

If you are single don’t focus on that, get together with some of the people that you Love and make the day about being Loved in general. If all of your friends are busy think about that the fact that someone in the world Loves you and treat yourself to something that you enjoy.I don’t understand anti Valentine’s Day attitudes.  Is having a signifcant other important during any other holiday??? Love is all around us and we have to embrace that. So if you are not into Valetine’s day don’t bash those of us who are.  In the world that we live in, it is nice to have one day dedicated to Loving people, in my opinion.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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