Some People Aren’t Going to Like this Post: Chris Brown @ the Grammy’s

In no way do I condone domestic violence. However I do not think that there should be a forever ban on Chris Brown. I understand that what he did was terrible, and that he deserved to be punished. The fact that young women are tweeting he can beat them anytime has absolutely nothing to do with this young man. As a matter of fact we should be asking what their parents are teaching them. The Grammy foundation are not condoning domestic violence but they are making a very clear statement that you can redeem yourself, no matter how bad your decison was.

My opinions on the situation are based on the fact that he has done very well on his probation according to his probation officer and Rihanna asking for a lift on his restraining order over a year ago. Chris Brown was 18 or 19 at the time of his domestic violence incident. He had grown up in a household where he witnessed domestic violence first hand. In my opinion Chris Brown was never taught healthy ways to solve conflicts in a relationship. I am not making excuses for him but I believe that what you learn at home has a greater affect on you than what you learn from society. Chris Brown seems to have moved on to a healthy and seemingly stable relationship, but people want him to continuously apologize and shun him while he does it. Chris Brown should not be the punching bag for all victims of domestic violence.

I don’t understand how we can compare a 19 year old Chris Brown to a 50-something year old Mel Gibson or an intoxicated Charlie Sheen. It is exactly that kind of thinking that makes it possible to try children as adults and put 23 year olds away for life. It just seems that people are so caught up in that fact that it was domestic violence, they won’t look at the fact that people make these same mistakes everyday. The fact is that Chris Brown did not make domestic violence cool but he is showing what is possible if you take responsibility for your actions and work hard to change.