Make Me Over: Makeup, Weave and other Enhancements

How much is too much?  Are women false advertising???

On more than one occasion me and bff Umberto have had the great make over debate.  He says that there are times when he has met a woman and when she took off her face, hair, eylashes, push up bra and spanx he was no longer interested. People seem to have varying opinions on how much is too much when it comes to the female beauty regimen. Mine is not too much I don’t think, but my little sister and older brother would beg to differ. I spend quite bit on makeup which is probably driving my boyfriend mad one eyeshadow at a time.  While I am not into body shaping garments, I don’t think my boyfriend knew what my hair looked like for the first year of us dating.

It can border on false advertising but we do it to attract the attention of men. I can’t completely fault women for false advertising, these tricks are old news and they still work; guys still fall for them.  Men should be aware that she may not look like that on a Tuesday at 10pm. They need to wake up a little, and if you are not into enhancements why would you be attracted to these women in the first place???? If they like who she truly is do the enhancements distract  from that.

People in every culture have ways to enhance their beauty, while some are more extreme than others, we all do it; it’s human nature. Just be sure that the outside doesn’t define the inside and that you like what’s underneath it all. If you take off your clothes, makeup and hair you are not happy with what you see, you may have some things to work on; not by masking the flaws but embracing them. I know we all have flaws that we want to cover up, but in the same breath, we want to let people see the real us sometimes and like like it; acne scars, dark circles, back fat, etc. Trust me if he’s the right one he probably wont care.  Just be sure that you like what you see when you look in the mirror, because at the end of the day the only person who has to look at you everyday is you. After all the best beauty enhancement is self confidence.


4 thoughts on “Make Me Over: Makeup, Weave and other Enhancements”

  1. Your closing thought really sums it up. Someone was asking a group of guys what was the first thing they notice about a girl. The most common answers were “boobs” “legs” and such. I had to say “attitude”. I have worked with fashion and models who spend a lot of time being made over. Many times it is beautiful and enjoyable, but a woman with a poor attitude can ruin any effort she puts into her attire. Go all out. Adorn yourself to the max, but be confident, polite, and caring if you wish to impress me. Give me a peasant woman in rags with the spirit of a queen. The propert deportation in society will take you further, in my thinking, than the price tag on your fanciments. Inspiring thoughts


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