Option #3: Looking into the Anal Abyss

Anal Sex…. I had to type just to be sure that I wanted to share this post.  I follow a gay blogger on tumblr who said something interesting about straight men and being competition for women because he believes that he can turn straight men, if not completely homosexual, at least bi;  to summarize he said,  women will get tatoos, all types of piercings, have cramps monthly and give natural childbirth but wont do anal because it hurts too much??? So of course I said to myself “unfortunately ladies he has a point”  Aside from the fact that I think what he said in terms of turning straight men gay is completely asinine, he did have a point. The thing is, I honestly believe that more women do it, or at least have tried it, then they will admit. I don’t think that the lure of anal sex can turn a straight man gay, he already had to be curious about being with a man, and even more than curious but completely open to the idea.  But what is it about anal that makes women cringe or not even open to try it???

The reason why I called this post Option 3 (not including hand jobs) is because women have options, the anus is not the only way we can be penetrated. It is one of only two ways for gay men (if oral is considered penetration); making the choice for women to try anal is a lot more of compromise. In my experience anal has always been this taboo subject that everyone is curious about, but either they are afraid of the judgment or the pain.  Another thing to point out is that the anus is not considered sexy for obvious reasons. I mean lets face it, none of us really know if it was intended for sexual pleasure or if it’s just one of those things that are happenstance; I guess if you think that homosexuality was created by God then you believe this his way of making it happen.  I have no thoughts on homosexuality simply because if it is a sin, no sin is greater than another and I am not one to judge.  So actually my only thought on homosexuality is that we should all be afforded that same rights under man-made laws; gay, straight, queer or otherwise.  Now back our originally scheduled programming….

Anal can be pleasurable for women, and although I’m not strapping on a dildo for my man in the near or far away future, for men as well. In men the anus provides prostate stimulation which supposedly provides the male equivalent to multiple orgasms. In women, the anus shares a wall with the vagina making it easier for some women to climax through anal penetration, not to mention the anus has more nerve ending then the vagina, so after the initial pain there is said to be pleasure.  The funny thing about the pain is that the first few times you have vaginal intercourse it hurts but we keep doing until it feels good. But of course straight men don’t know virginal pain so the idea of anal penetration and the pain associated with it may sound absurd.

There are several arguments for and against, but if you are curious about trying it, go for it, I mean what do you really have to lose your anal virginity?  Speaking of anal virginity, some women are staying vaginal virgins but practicing anal intercourse only, crazy I know…  But if you have no interest in it don’t feel bad about that either, it’s your body do what you’re comfortable with doing, with whom you’re comfortable doing it.   Whatever you decide be safe and use the proper protection. I am not going to give tips on anal sex in this post, if you want those you can google or watch this post by GLAMerotica.

What do you think about anal? Have you tried it? have you thought about it?

11 thoughts on “Option #3: Looking into the Anal Abyss”

  1. Abomination!!!To each’s own.But This shit is ludacrus.I’ll give a chic anal stimulation any day.But for her to attempt to stimulate me there would be a slap in her face literally.With her tongue?Maybe.Fingers?No!

  2. Well, the thing about those other painful situations ( tattoos, piercings, etc) is that the pain is temporary and you know how long it will hurt. My experiences with anal have all been painful. I spent a good bit of time trying to get to the point where it stopped hurting and started feeling good and that never came. I wanted to make it part of my sex life but it just never felt good to me. I’m sure this isn’t the case for everyone but that’s the reason why I stay away from it.

  3. It seems that pleasure can be eased into on different levels with varying results for each of us. The most pleasurable experiences I have given or received involved gentle experimentation first, and I could immediately begin to sense whether they were being pleasured or bothered. My desire is to give. I will try giving any way possible to take them to the heights of pleasure. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes an open mind can yield amazing results


  4. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve always been of the thought process that I’d be willing with the right person. If I’m in a committed relationship, almost anything is up for experimentation. Gotta try at least once

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