I may be BAD but I’m perfectly GOOD at it: 10 sex facts about me.

Because my blog is seemingly anonymous I feel comfortable getting a little personal with the sex talk so here we go:

  1. I like dirty talk– I like to talk in general and dirty talk excites me. There is something special about saying things you only think to yourself to another person.
  2. Missionary – is my favorite position, not because I’m a prude but because I climax the easiest from there.
  3. I like to be spanked–  A good spanking is an art form and not everyone can do it right.
  4. I am turned on by cocky men–  not arrogant but a little cocky. Have confidence in your abilities and the skills and equipment to back it up
  5. I like my hair pulled when it’s long enough- The submissive in my loves it. Just as long as he is aware that the hair is also attached my scalp some way.
  6. I like it rough-  There is nothing like pleasure with a little bit of pain.
  7. I don’t like to have sex when I’m drunk.- When I was in college my brother told me that I can’t consent when I’m drunk and in my drunkenness I think about that.
  8. I’ve never had sex in a pool and I don’t have a desire to-Something about it doesn’t appeal to me I really; don’t know why.
  9. I like to be teased– the anticipation gets me warmed up
  10. There is nothing better in this world than Multiple Orgasms– enough said

6 thoughts on “I may be BAD but I’m perfectly GOOD at it: 10 sex facts about me.”

  1. I also climax faster in missionary position 😛

    About multiple orgasms, I’ve never had those…unless I did but I dint know it. How exactly does it feel?

  2. Might I inquire about the spanking? How might one go about perfecting that art form? I shall aspire to put this information to good use!


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