Cumstructive Critcism

This was meant to be Freaky Fridays, but I got lazy at some point on Friday then I thought it might not be a good idea for me to designate a day as I tend to like flexibility. Any who, on to the post.

Have you ever had sex with someone and every 2 seconds they were giving you instructions.  I don’t mean “oh don’t stop, harder, faster” I mean “Use both hands, and hold on to your ankles” kind of instructions.  I like instructions within reason; if what I’m doing is not working for you then by all means tell me what works.  But at some point you need to get out of your own head and comfort zone. Sex doesn’t only feel good one way so if you’re going to give instructions do so within reason.  I Love for a guy to guide me but I don’t want them to make demands. Seriously I start to think, “Do you want to have sex with me or do you just want me to masturbate for you?”;  if you’re constantly giving instructions, nobody is  really going to get off.

After talking to my guy friend the other day he told me not all head is good, and that’s usually when he gives guidance; I know all to well that mediocre oral can be skipped.  Then he went on to say that his ex was not good at giving head or taking instructions.  She got would get an attitude and eventually tell him to do it himself.   I know enough guys to know that if some could they would; but they can’t so they instruct. Which would not be a big deal if it seemed like they appreciated what you were doing in the first place.

Here are some ways that makes it easier for me to take instructions, outside of my S&M experiences.  Maybe they will help, maybe they won’t; I really don’t know.

  • Guide me with your hands
  • Don’t make demands; be subtle.
  • Let me to do it my way first.
  • Have an open mind.
  • Be into it regardless. For the most part when the other person is aroused you will be too.
  • Get me off I will be sure to return the favor

If you can think of any more ways please share.


6 thoughts on “Cumstructive Critcism”

  1. Love this. Communication is so important! Shutting someone down when they tell you what they want can do major damage to trust. There is nothing hot about feeling judged! It’ always fun to push yourself jusssst outside the edge of your comfort zone to see where it takes you 😉

  2. I much rather a woman be vocal and tell me what she likes rather than those awkward moments of searching and finding especially if she isn’t the patient type, lol

  3. I’m in complete agreement here. Of my various experiences, I look most fondly upon those wherein both she and I were able to read each other and give exactly what the other wanted without words. A gentle push in the right direction. A shiver here, a whisper there. Just feeding off of each other and going with what gets the best reaction.

    Nice work here. I’ll be reading.

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