Ambitious Women Looking for Knight, Less Ambitious Women Digging for Gold.

I recently read a tweet that made me pause, it read:

 “Gotta love an ambitious woman who puts up a front, patiently waiting for that dark knight in shining armor, you WILL get your man, hopefully”

First off I think women, especially successful women are caught in a catch 22.  Today we all have to be able to bring something to relationships, but I find it very interesting that if you are successful and ambitious you are waiting on a knight in shining armor, because you want someone equally, if not more, successful.   If you are less successful you are a gold digger wanting to be saved.

I was raised with old school values and new school rules.  My Dad made it very clear that men should want to provide for the women that they love and his families.  But he also made it clear that you don’t depend on a man to provide those things, you have to want to provide them for yourself.  My Dad taught me that a relationship is not 50/50 in every aspect. Someone is always going to out perform the other in some way, either financially or on the home front; it’s a balancing act. The man not willing to, or more importantly wanting to, provide for his woman and family is not worth a woman’s time or energy.

The independent woman model has been shoved down our throats for the last two or three decades.  I do not believe there is anything wrong with women being independent or successful.  I have a problem with the fact that independent women are portrayed as not needing a man and successful men are portrayed as being taken advantage of. At what point did it stop being ok for men to make more money and to want to take care of the woman in his life?

I am not saying that men should always make more money, but in actuality it is shown that there are disparities in salaries for identical careers between the sexes.  So by nature of the beast it is very likely that at the same level of success, the man will in fact make more money.  The idea that ambitious women are waiting for someone to rescue them from the lives they have built for themselves is ridiculous.  I do not speak for all women but I tend to be an equal opportunist.  How you treat me is far more important than how much money you make.  I know that in the long run if you choose a person solely based on the ability to provide,  you are selling yourself short. And the funny thing is because you already have a pretty good work ethic you don’t need a man to save you.

I just want the man in my life to want to provide for me regardless of his ability to do so.  I want a man who will work as hard as I do.  I don’t feel it necessary to find someone more successful I just want someone with the same work ethic. This front that was mentioned in this tweet is silly, if he hasn’t noticed somone has to play the part of the knight.


One thought on “Ambitious Women Looking for Knight, Less Ambitious Women Digging for Gold.”

  1. I like the post. This is one that I feel strongly about though. I don’t mind taking care of a woman as long as she brings something to the table. I mean she doesn’t have to be on my level, but if we’re living together I expect her to contribute and not just sit around all day. I’ve had that before, and that’s why I have the standards I do now in meeting someone.

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