SIZE MATTERS… to me at least.

This has been the great debate probably forever. I adamantly defend size because my G-spot must be hit.  If his dick is not big enough to hit my G-spot then its pretty much a fucking done deal.  I enjoy clitoral stimulation but my G-spot is ecstasy.  If his stroke is off I can help him with that.  I don’t understand women who say it’s not about size, it’s about how he uses what he has. In my personal experience there are no tricks in the entire universe that will compensate for lack of size. It’s true that some know how work with what they have, but if you’re not long enough or wide enough then it really wont matter. I want it all; clitoral and g-spot orgasm. But at the very least I want to know that your dick is actually in my vagina. Size will always keep me coming back for more.


4 thoughts on “SIZE MATTERS… to me at least.”

  1. Size matters a hell of a lot to me too … I’m not gonna lie to, part of the fun is looking at that thing and thinking “woooooooow yes please” … if I look and I be like “oh right erm ok” then no I am no longer interested and please believe I will make my excuses and get up n out that bitch!

  2. Like how you keep it real. I’ve dated some women who couldn’t handle me and some who thought I wasn’t enough so I guess size can be relative somewhat, lol.

  3. It’s so ironic that I just wrote a post a while ago about the g-spot being a myth.The g-spot does exist,but claiming that it gives stimulation to the woman is BS.And 90% of women don’t even know there’s a g-spot,le alone what it feels like.

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