Time to get Political… Newton Leroy Gingrich wants to show Blacks the value of a paycheck???

I am not a republican and I honestly don’t understand what their ideals, I’m actually a socialist but the United States doesn’t give you that option. However I don’t like the biased media and this Newt Gingrich statement initially had me outraged until I analyzed what he was saying for myself. A clip of Mr. Gingrich was featured on the The Daily Show and apparently democrats and a lot of black people were in an upheavel about his comments during a speech.  Newt is always good for a misquote.  Mr Gingrich had said, President Obama was the food stamp president and he wants to be the paycheck president.  He is willing to go to NAACP National convention and speak about the value of a paycheck over food stamps…. what in the entire fuck does he mean? Most people who recieve food assitance have jobs, as a matter of fact that is a requirement to qualify.  Also aren’t the majority of food assistance recipients not black. I was in complete shock.

After reviewing these comments further,  with complete outrage, it took me back to church.  Growing up in church  I’ve learned that older people don’t seem to think about how they can be misinterpreted and he was definitely misinterpreted, even though his wording was terrible; he actually did not mean it that way.  Newton was only trying to say that people need money more than food stamps.  Instead of assisting people with only food he would try to provide more cash assistance because that is what people need. Now why would he want to speak specifically to NAACP is beyond me, clearly there was underlying racism with that part.  Mr Gingrich went on to say that he was in no way racist he had worked side by side with Condeleeza Rice and Colin Powell, as if working in two completely different parts of government qualifies them as side by side co workers. He should have just stopped at I’m not racist.  People tend to want to give examples which in terms of race does not further prove their point.  It was kind lof like him saying he wasnt racist because his daughter’s randomly selected college roommate was black; when he in fact that nothing to do with her being there.

I would like to take this moment to say before you jump on a bandwagon please analyze things for yourself and make informed judgements.  This is an election year and the media left and right-wing are relentless.  Try not to buy into sound bites and quotes without context because you may find yourself being just another person speaking out their ass, about things they don’t truly understand. This is in no way my Newt Gingrich endorsement, this is just my realization that I too need to pay close attention to whats being perpetuated by the media.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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