Plight of Love in the age Social Networking

Do people really know what’s it’s like to fall in Love with someone anymore?  I find myself struggling with this on a regular basis.  I look at people who have been married for decades and I think that won’t happen in my generation.  It will not happen to me.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to give myself completely to someone.  To truly believe that they are not looking for the next best thing.

With all of the social networking, we are bombarded with other people’s lives and I feel that makes its harder for us to live our own. Defining Love for myself has become increasing difficult to grasp; my abstract ideas are constantly under attack. On twitter @happilyme0784 rants about how Love consistently does her wrong. On Facebook Joe Blow asks “Where the hoes at?” right after he asks “Why do nice guys always finish last?”.  Then Tumblr hits me with the never-ending stream of moving on quotes, “Sometimes it’s moving on, not giving up”. Where does it end??? Seriously people come on.

Our relationships have no road maps anymore.  We are so jaded by our own and other people’s experiences, we’re finding it hard to believe that Love exist in anything other than a dysfunctional relationship.  Being in Love can not be taught; we are told that it just happens.  However we can’t sustain healthy relationships that foster enough trust to get to the Love part.  While the relationship part is taught, and I hate to say it but, a lot us have not seen a healthy relationship or our parents have a very successful marriage and we have no clue how they did it.

I am starting to feel that we are lost when it comes to Love. In the age of casual internet hookups and constant images of past Loves on our computer screens everyday things get even more complicated.  We not only have a lot to digest, we have a hard time letting go.  We have to realize that Love will only give as much as we can take. We can’t be loved into submission, even though Hollywood would like to us to believe that we can.  We have to learn to accept it and focus on the potential Love not the potential heartache. Ranting about our relationship successes and being wise enough to know when to stay or when to walk away.


4 thoughts on “Plight of Love in the age Social Networking”

  1. Most children still have fairy tales read to them – which instils the possibility of a happy ever after with one partner… Yes, fairy tales are always abit too perfect (or tragic!) but can form young ideals…Or maybe that’s the problem these days – people want perfection and if they don’t get it they can go online for something else…
    I still believe in a happy ever after – without it having to be always perfect. Oh and sexual chemistry can definitely help to create a bond between two people…

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