A Strong Man cannot be Strong-Armed: A Lesson From Love and Hip Hop

 “I was fortunate enough to end up with Chrissy as my lady. That’s like the princess kissing the frog. I got my own fairytale” – Jim Jones

Let me start this off by saying I LOVE Chrissy but I cannot condone that pony tail. Watching Love and Hip Hop I learned something about relationships.  Jim Jones proposed to Chrissy and I dropped a tear because I was starting to doubt Love.  I believe that as a women you set the standard, it’s up to him to reach them and what you accept is what you get.  You can’t strong-arm someone into changing or make a grown man who is comfortable with his decisions do what you want him to do. Men like to do things in their own time and when it feels right. With that said, Jim Jones was not at all strong armed.  When a man Loves you and cares for you he will do things to make you happy.  He will step up to the plate if he feels like it’s necessary.

Do I think Jim Jones was ok with everything before he asked her hand in marriage?  Yes of course he was.  He had the best woman he felt he ever had by his side cheering him on.  He took care of her like he felt his Lady should be taken care of.   But he knew that Chrissy, the women he Loved, was not content and after all they had done together, and she had done for him, he was comfortable taking the next step.  He was comfortable before but only as comfortable and happy as he felt his Lady to be.  He was willing to put his ego and reservations about marriage aside as well as not take the situation lightly by shoving a ring her in face but making sure that it was a special moment for the both of them. He was ready to make her as happy as she made him. From this show Jim has given me a little more insight into men; real men step up not because you make them but because they want to.


Don't make me think I'm writing to myself...What do you think???

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